Francesca Surace is a high couture stylist who designs and creates exclusive and elegant heads with dressmaking care and careful research of fabrics and embellishments. She finds her own inspiration in the dresses worn by ladies in the nineteenth century, especially for their being so romantic and refined and her own passion for the vintage style. The Master at the Luxury Academy in Milan allowed her to develop specific skills and techniques in order to create clothes with sartorial expertise and the most accurate finishing. Nowadays, Francesca is an all-around stylist with 25 years of experience in tailoring field.



In the dressmaking workshop of Francesca Surace, clothes are made with valuable fabrics and natural texture and they are adorned with unique accessories matching with the collection heads. Our philosophy is to ensure to our customers exclusive products with fabrics 100% made in Italy but with a style influenced by many different cultures. The products of our business are characterised by an elegant style and retro taste, and their main object is to enhance the woman body, looking for a balance between purity and sensuality.



Our clothes are thought for wedding, ceremonies, gala night and they are made with the best Italian textiles laces, among which there are, pure silk, lace (macrame), precious wool (eg. cashmere, mohair).



One of the Francesca’s greatest skills is to combine crystals and beads to create original color combinations that distinguish her finishing style.



Hats, scarves, stoles, gloves, clutch bags and belts hand made with high quality fabrics 100% made in Italy.


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